Yamaha R1 Racebike wrap for Darius from Servin It Up

Well known Stunt Rider Darius from www.Servinitup.com contacted us about doing a wrap for his Yamaha R1 Racebike. JJ from Wright Wraps took on the task of working with Darius to get the look he desired for the graphics. Once the layout was done and approved, JJ sent us the file for print and lamination. Then he took a day or two and got it installed and looking fresh!

Darius wanted to go with a clean classic feel for the R1 Trackbike. We think JJ did a great job on the design. One of the major risks of racedays and track riding is obviously wrecking. The cool part about a wrap is that the rider could crash the bike and skin up the plastics one weekend and be looking fresh for next weekends race. No need to wait on a paint booth, just give us a call and say “Hey guys, I lowsided at Buttonwillow so I need a new left side wrap piece.” Then we can have it reprinted and installed in a flash!

We designed the trailer wrap in this picture for Darius back in 2005! Wow how time flies

servin it up trailer and racebike wrap

The R1 racebike inside his garage next to the infamous v8 powered 240z

Yamaha R1 trackbike wrap


One more out in the sun!
r1 racebike vinyl wrap

And Last but not Least, Darius on the track dragging some knee!
darius dragging a knee on the yamaha R1 that we wrapped



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