Website Design for Ziegler’s RV (Allentown, PA)

Recently we were contacted by Ziegler’s RV all the way over in Allentown, PA. The gentleman who had designed and hosted their website for years had passed away and their website was down with no chance of recovery. Luckily Mike Ziegler had his domain name on his own account through We accessed his account and setup all of the redirects, activated wordpress, switched over all of his emails and then began designing the new site.

In looking at some cached images from their old site via google, we saw that it was yellow, so we had our theme idea and went to town. We even added some hometown touches, using a picture from the Poconos as the background image of the site. Mike’s son Brandon had rescued all of the text from the old site and we felt confident that he could work the back end of wordpress. So we set the site up with menus and pages and gave Brandon a 1 hr. consultation over the phone. He had no issues and started working on the page by page content. This saved them about $1500!!

One of the things that Mike told us during the initial consultation is that they had a Yellow Pages “free website review” done and they scored well, except in the mobile viewing department. With that in mind, we designed it in a “responsive” format. This means it will work on any browser, tablet or phone equally well. So make sure and look it over on different devices. (and never ever get trapped into using those “free” yellow pages sites :) )

This was our first go at a dealership style website and we think it was a success. They are extremely happy with the new website and the amount of control they have over their content. Check out the site at

If you need a small business website and want to save some money by being able to upload content yourself, we are more than happy to help. Please contact us for a quote.

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