Ugly Christmas Sweater for the new generation!

Everyone knows that Ugly Christmas Sweaters are one of the coolest “uncool” fads of all time. The number of  “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties thrown every year are probably only second to Super Bowl Parties. Ok we’re embellishing a little, but you get the point.

One of our friends was invited to attend an ugly christmas sweater party, but he hates the feel of sweaters. He called us and asked if we could do a long sleeve T-shirt for him, his description of what he wanted was “I don’t care, its for an ugly christmas sweater party, so the more obnoxious the better!”   With that description on our minds, we thought long and hard. Hmmmm how about a custom shirt with pictures of people wearing ugly christmas sweaters? and thats how the Ugly Christmas Sweater 2.0 was born :)

Contact us if you need a cool ugly christmas sweater shirt!

custom ugly christmas sweater shirt


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