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Dr. Sophia Engle contacted us to create a website for her Psychology Services, Emerald Professionals in Walnut Creek, CA.

Her website goals were:

  • Educate potential patients about her services and specialties.
  • Allow her to post stories that people can relate to.
  • Rank in search engines so that people in local cities could find out about her.

Since Dr. Engle already had a marketing package that included a logo and she was a competent writer who was engaged in adding her own content to her website, this job was a cinch. We installed the site with some placeholder information and graphics. The we let her review it and tell us what information she wanted where. After that, we sent her off to shutterstock to purchase some really great photos of people for use in the site.

Overall the site turned out nice and clean. Dr. Engle’s willingness to be hands on with adding content and choosing the pictures was key in increasing the value for her dollars spent on this project. Amazingly her site was picked up in google withing a few short weeks.

emerald professionals walnut creek website design


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