Small Business Website Design ( Pittsburg, CA

We have just launched our own website here at West Coast Sign and Banner. As with most of the websites that we do for friends and local businesses, we utilized the wordpress platform.

ttsburg ca business website

We choose WordPress for a few reasons;

  1. Stability – WordPress has been around for a very long time and is supported by a great company and a massive group of folks around the world who are constantly building new themes, tweaks and other great add-ons to make it the best website software around.
  2. Ease of Use and Installation – Sure, there are a few coding tweaks that make our eyes crossed when we are looking through them to make changes, but overall wordpress is a very user friendly website application.
  3. Great SEO Performance – The features that are built into WordPress, combined with some tricks we have learned over the years have consistently netted our sites top 5 results in google within a few short months. All without paying to advertise! Don’t be fooled by so-called “SEO Professionals” who want to charge an arm and a leg to “optimize” your site. We take a common sense approach to web design and how search engines relate to, find and rank websites. You probably use Google regularly, the next time you search for something, look at the top 10 results and see what they all have in common. There is a method, or “science” to it, but it isn’t rocket science. :) Paying for a website to be built and then paying someone else for SEO Optimization or ads afterwards is unacceptable. Of course you can always add an endless amount of tweaks to target new markets or products and services. But when we build sites, we find out what area and products you want to target and we build that right in from the start.
  4. You Can Manage Your Site – That’s right, we can get you setup so that you can add new content every time you do a job, come out with a new product, have some news or simply want to make a blog post. You can make new posts right from your PC, Mac, Tablet, Ipad, Iphone or any Android based smartphone. Of course if you would like us to add your content, we are more than happy to oblige.
  5. Any Web Designer Knows WordPress – We hope to be your go to company forever, but just in case something happens, you can always go to any reputable designer and have them work on your site. All wordpress websites contain the same familiar structure.
  6. Infinite Customizations – We will freely admit that we are not even close to the best as far as web design goes. Our goal is to implement clean graphics, great pictures and complimenting colors within a easy to navigate layout. All while adding our common sense “tweaks” to get that great search engine performance. But man oh man, have we seen some truly incredible wordpress designs on the internet! Some of the most well known companies and celebrities in the world use wordpress. Here are a few Its always nice to be in great company like this right?

So now that you know why we like to use wordpress, take a second and browse around our website, check out the product categories, the links, social media add ons and all the other features. If you feel like we can help you build the site of your dreams that not only looks good, but also brings business to your door, then get in touch with us. Our website packages for local businesses start at $495.00 for a simple site under 10 pages and go up to $2500+ for a fully blown site with hundreds of pages.


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