Nissan 240 Drift Car Vinyl Wrap, Graphics & Sponsors. (Sonoma)

Joe Tardiff is a friend of ours, so when he called about getting some inexpensive wrap work done on his newly built nissan 240 z drift car, we were happy to oblige. Our mutual friend Mike Vik threw down some design work and took on the task of installing the wrap. It was pretty unconventional, to keep costs down, we used a super cheap vinyl and laminate that is NOT made for wrapping. Joe made the decision to use that because he has a long season planned and doesn’t expect the wrap to last past this season anyways.

Mike Vik did a great job of installing this unforgiving material on the drift car and he even wrapped the dash!!!  We also printed some extra logos representing Joe’s sponsors, his time in the military and his beloved mother.

Good Luck this year Joe and the entire “Burn The Most” Team ! Great Job Mike and Thanks to Joe and Carbon Studios for the sick shots!

PS. Thanks Joe for the awesome placement of the logo on the front bumper!!

Joe Poses with his Nissan 240z drift car, proudly displaying our website on the front bumper

Sponsor logos and vinyl wrap for drift car Team Burn The Most

drift car vinyl dash wrap

A great shot of Joe getting sideways at Sonoma Raceway. Loving the look of that front bumper



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