Concord CA Little League Banner (pee wee tigers baseball)

This banner is for one of the Little League Teams in Concord CA, the Pee-Wee Tigers.  The only requirements given by the team mom was that it had all of the players names and it used the Detroit Tigers colors of orange and blue.
concord ca peewee baseball banner sign

With a list of the players names in hand, we set off to make a cool banner for the little guys! We used a typical sports font and utilized the colors requested for the team name. For the players names we used a pretty widely used method of placing a baseball behind each one, nut we took the time to use a picture of a real baseball and not some clipart off of a CD collection. We also randomized the rotation of the baseballs so that they are not all facing the same direction.

On the Background we didn’t want to do a typical solid white, so we found a nice picture of baseball field grass and utilized that.  Notice the “Pee Wee Baseball” lettering with the home plate shape. We felt that this filled in a void area underneath the logo and added classic “Ball Club” look that you wouldn’t normally see from a Little League.

Here is another pic of the banner as it came off of our Roland Printer.

Finished product 3' x 6' banner for the local little league Pee Wee Tigers. We wanted to combine the standard sporty logo and players names on baseballs with a new clean flair.


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