Concord CA JOBL Little League Banner (Indians)

A few days before the JOBL Little League season opening day in Concord, we received a message from the team mom of the “Valley Indians” looking to get a banner done. With just a couple of days to spare, it would be tight. Luckily we had just finished another banner for the JOBL Little League Dodgers, so we took the job and got it done. After looking at some of the Cleveland Indians Jerseys online, we decided to go with a historical style for the banner, utilizing the all gray background with feather accents.

Even with such a tight deadline, we decided to honor our little league banner special price and not charge a rush fee.

If your team needs a banner, please Contact Us  and ask about our little league team banner special. Even if you aren’t in concord, or local in the contra costa county area, we can get it done for you and ship it via USPS Priority mail.

Banner for the Concord JOBL Little League Valley Indians


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