Big Display Check for Sponsorship Ceremony (Richmond CA)

As a part of the Grand Opening Ceremonies for “That’s My Dog”  Hot Dog Cart in Richmond CA, we got a chance to make a big display check for their ceremonies. TMD is sponsoring a local Richmond Little League Team. The Big check spiced up the ceremonies and gave them that great photo op to gain some extra newspaper press.

Whenever we do large display checks, we have a standard format, but we customize it to be very specific for your business. Not only do we utilize your logo, but we also have some fun placing your website and other info down in the routing/account number areas.

If you need a big check for a sponsorship media day, a podium ceremony from a motorsports event or simply as a fun reward for an employee who reaches a sales goal. Please Contact Us and let us customize one for you!

Large display check for awards presentation


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