49ers themed Beer Pong Table

Our Buddy Pablo is the bartender at our local Chilis restaurant in Pittsburg CA. One day while we were sitting there drinking a cold one and discussing Pablo’s love of beer pong, we had an idea. Since Pablo and his roommate Alfredo actually make the tables themselves, why don’t we wrap one?

A couple of days later, we got the call and the guys dropped a new beer pong table off requesting a San Francisco 49ers theme. This wasn’t some fad desire simple because the 49ers were in the playoffs and destined for the Superbowl. These guys are serious Niner fans!

We had our mission, so we scoured the internet looking at all of the 49er images we could find, finally we decided on a new school vs. old school theme. Of course the old school guys got all the rings and trophies, so we made sure to give the new generation the “Gold Rush” Cheerleaders :) On top of that, we even included some pics of Alfredo and his dad that were taken while tailgating at a Niners game. After we designed and printed the wrap, we ran it through our laminator to give it that glossy scratch resistant coating. After lamination the graphics are pretty thick, this helped them to lay down on the table very smooth.

Its always nice to be able to take some time and do cool custom jobs like this and see people smile from ear to ear at the results. If you are interested in a custom beer pong table wrap, please get in touch with us. It’s time consuming, but if you are patient and work with us, we can keep your cost pretty low by doing the design in our off time!

san francisco 49ers themed beer pong table wrap

The “Old School” side of the 49ers Beer Pong table.



san francisco 49ers themed beer pong table wrap

The “New School” side of the San Francisco 49ers themed beer pong table wrap





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